Research and Project proposal

*Pret a Porte Ready-to-wear is usually are produce by couture house. It is a line that less pricey than Haute Couture. Ready-to-Wear (Pret-a-Porter) means that the clothing are made in a standard sizes. Pret-a- Porter usually use high-end fabric, like wool, silk, linen, embroidery, laces, prints. In general, Pret-a-Porter can be found at the store, […]

Art 4924

Hi, I am Natalie Lam and I am from Hong Kong. I start drawing when I was little. Drawing human figure is always my favorite. In order to make my drawing more realistic, I started to read  Japanese fashion magazine to get inspirations. Then it introduces me to the fashion world. My dream is to […]

Haute Couture

haute-couture Haute Couture is a French word meaning high quality sewing or high-end fashion. Haute Couture garments are constructed by the most experienced and capable sewers from patterning, fabric making, extremely detailed sewing skills. It is always a expensive, time-consuming garment. Those garment is always made for specifically for a client’s measurements and body size. […]

Cosplay (Hatsune MiKU 初音ミク)

Cosplay is a subculture about role-playing. Cosplay means costume play. The people who participant in this performance are call Cosplayer. They wear costumes and props to represent specific character from manga, comic book, anime, cartoon, video game and films. Some cosplayers even design their own character and dress like the character. Cosplay was beginning widely […]

Fast fashion

    -Creative statement Calm – The color of choice is inspired by Dior 2016 Fall/Winter ready-to-wear collect, Black, white, blue and orange prints. (with Fast Design elements: basic silhouette and knit fabric and knock off  )The target for the collect is for customers who can wear it to work and party at the same […]